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All-In-One Webcam, Mic, Light– MOVO WebMic HD Pro

Zoom meetings, web streaming, video podcasts, or providing opinions in chat groups or cable news stations all require three things:

    • Expert Lighting
    • Excellent Sound
    •  High-Def, high quality video 

So there’s a bunch of stuff you have to mix and match. Well, until now.

Last fall, Movo, a company specializing in pro-style video and audio gear for the mobile-minded, had a kickstarter to support their idea of an all-in one blogging or content creator. Lighting, HD or better camera, HQ microphone, all built into one ball unit and placed on a nifty stand so video user, youtubers, commentators, news people and more had a reliable, predictable, high quality way to record or stream video of themselves. They called it the WebMic HD Pro, and it includes a high quality imaging unit with a quality lens, a cardioid. microphone, a headphone portand a variable setting light all in one “ball” assembly, with stand.  

I ordered one and packed it with me when I went into the hospital for a three month stint as a bone marrow transplant recipient. No better way to do reports to the family! There are volume controls, a light intensity button (three settings), ad a stand and clamp. 

It retails for $169.95 from MOVO directly. You can find them here. 

Here’s a shot of me using the unit:

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