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My Life in Multi-Image: Sorgel-Lee, Part 3

What Came First, the Demo or the Sale? Ric and Brien vie for the “Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet” sideburn contest prior to going out on a sales call (826 N. Cass Street, Milwaukee’s East Side) Production companies have varying philosophies when it comes to promotion. But Ric and I agreed, in the first month of […]

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My Life in Multi-Image: Sorgel-Lee, Part 2

And What do YOU do for a Living? By the time of the publication above, even a magazine with “Audio-Visual” in its name knew that those it catered to had an inflated sense of themselves. The 1981 Media All-Stars…. We weren’t in “audio-visual”; we were in multimedia, or film, or media, or communications, or….. ANYTHING […]

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My Life in Multi-Image:

Sorgel-Lee, Part 1: Call Us SLI Multimedia Industries. Reprinting and repurposing “Some Thoughts on 25 Years in the “A-V” Industry”, circa 1998 (as published). Ric Sorgel and Brien Lee, Sorgel-Lee “Baseball Cards” Shoot, 1981 This chronicle began in 1997 when I celebrated 25 years in the industry. I am updating it and representing it now because […]

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Short Wave Radio is Dead…

Long Live Internet Radio! In my pre-teen years, I loved using my Aunt Ella’s standing Philco radio to listen to short wave stations. Short wave in those days (the 50s, 60s) was a viable way to transmit to audiences around the world, using frequencies that carried farther but required different gear than regular AM or […]

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Two Faces Have I (BMT, Drugs, and Despair)

Part 1: Fear Image by Toshiyuki IMAI Creative Commons The follow-up combo of steroids, drugs, anti-anxiety, sleep aids, and the regular medication left me a mess for two weeks. The anaphylactic shock from the transplant seemed to parley tension, fear, pain, sleep aids, and medicines into a cocktail for a mental state not unlike shock. I didn’t […]

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