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My Bone Marrow Transplant Zero-Day

And a Bad Reaction to Rabbit Blood!

Thus came the big day, Day Zero on the transplant calendar. This is your day of rebirth (of your bone marrow and blood system). It should be simple. You get a blood transfusion. That’s all.

Donor Blood is Introduced into your System

The rest of this recollection is based on notes from my sister, who was in the room.

I was being given a lot of fluids so I had bloated up tremendously.

The nurse arrived with the blood, which had been mixed with rabbits blood to ensure an easy transfer of the donor blood, which was a different blood type.

I was surrounded by including a nurse and a tech, who hung the bag. But once the bag was transferred, I began to shake. Like the chills. This brought 5 more people into the room, including one of the main BMT doctors. They reacted quickly, including administering oxygen. There had apparently been abreaction to the rabbit blood, which acts as a translator between two blood types.

Considering. the bloating, pain, tightening airways, shakiness, and general panic, I tried to stay calm, but no such luck. Thus the introduction of some calming drugs of some kind.

Then blankets. Shakey. Sleepy.

The nurse stayed on for another hour or so while I returned to normal.

Lasix drugs were added to reduce water bloating and lessen pressure on the kidneys.

A Not-Quite-Happy Camper

After my sister left, she called in at 8:30 pm to hear I was doing better. Apparently, I had taken a three-round walk in the outer corridor to help build my strength.

But I did continue to receive those calming drugs for the next few days, which lead to new adventures.

Not -Quite-Happy-Camper is asked to “SMILE” for the camera

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