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Hi, I’m Brien and this is my home page. For forty years in Milwaukee, I ran a number of multi-media and and video production companies where I worked with many people on staff who made me look good to our clients. Now, in this new world, I work independently, offering my creative and technical services.

I was born in New York City 73 years ago, and spent my first eight years soaking up the 1950’s atmosphere of Washington Heights. Then I got sick with rheumatic fever and my parents moved us (my brother, sister, me, them) to a nice house in East Brunswick, New Jersey. I went to Marquette University in Milwaukee and stayed. Eventually I got married, had a son, and started my businesses. 

I moved back to New Jersey 12 years ago to be closer to family, including my son who lives in Brooklyn. I finished my large company production career with many major meeting and video efforts for long-standing clients, including Walgreens corporate in Chicago.

In these pages, I will discuss the state of communications show samples, and relate compelling lessons learned in my path of building businesses, teaching the basics, and telling behind the scenes stories about some of our biggest success.

Some stories are nuts, but you’ll have to read to believe them. If more people would read, this world would be a better place.

Thanks for reading!

PS: If you’re interested in my illustrated speech, “Tales from an Audio-Visual Life”, contact me at my personal email, brienlee@me.com.